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E2E/Public Service: Improving costly and inefficient operational processess and systemsRole: Product Designer (Programme Lead)
Social Work England aims to improve security of their systems and operational benchmarks. Through Discovery, we identified opportunities to improve back office user processes to reduce cost and increase efficiency and remove burden for users. 

As a Product Design Lead, I was responsible and accountable for all design outputs from research, workshop, experience mapping, prioritisation, prototyping and UI design. I also managed a small team of a product designer and a UX researcher (intern) and established a user-focused ways of working with an agile delivery team and business stakeholders. 

We delivered a set of updated operational processes against the system based on user feedback. The outputs were validated with senior stakeholders to ensure governance, alignment and meet business goals. 

🏆 Impact:

  • Enable delivery and strategic teams to approach roadmap, get assurance and set benchmarks with user needs and research evidence
  • Increased product efficiency by 15%, reducing manual processes and pressure in internal teams. 
  • Set a strategy and implementation plan to increase operational benchmark by 100% in phased releases

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