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E2E: Transforming manual back-end system processes to a user-first digital platformRole: Product Designer (Senior Delivery) I led the creation of this user-centered online booking experience. They wanted to reduce workload on their staff, improve efficiency and keep up with competitors by offering a modern, digital service.

From conducting user research, creating UX flows and prototyping, I was responsible for the creation of their new user centric banking platform. Using Human-Centred Design methodologies, I designed a system based on their daily processes and I supported the Standard Operating Procedures from UX research insights.

I contributed to the new design system with new tested components and fostered collaboration between in-house team and engineering through workshops, opening conversations and breaking down silos. 

🏆 Impact:

  • Increased user satisifaction and reduced inefficiency by bringing users along the design journey
  • Enabled Product Owner to incorporated user insight into the product vision and roadmap
  • Contributed to the design system that is tested with real users

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