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B2C/Public Service: Enabling the public to share their vaccination status and travel safely during the global pandemicRole: Product Designer (Squad Lead)

As a Lead Designer of a service squad, I spearheaded the UX to ensure our solutions reflect government policies and meet user needs with simplicity and accessibility. Shaped by multiple agile delivery team, I reported to the Service Design Director and Chief Product owner to ensure alignment and seamless in our strategy and delivery. 

In an emergency environment, I was flexible to play multiple roles – service design, user research to product design. I collaborated with a multidisciplinary team to create a cohesive user experience and design.

🏆 Impact:

  • App and Service used by 55+ million people (most downloaded free app in the App store in 2022)
  • Delivered an emergency product that supported the public in England and Wales during the pandemic
  • Won the 2022 Digital Leaders Impact Pandemic Innovation award (NHS Covid App)

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