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B2C: Optimising sign-in and onboarding experienceRole: Product Designer (Squad Lead)
The Guardian’s sign-in and onboarding service became convoluted for users throughout the years. Through research and data, we found pain points that resulted in a low uptakes and low completion.

From strategy, research to hands-on design, I set the end-to-end user experience to ensure a seamless, user first experience across different workstreams in App. I spearheaded the process with complex stakeholder workshops to align on our vision, ideas and constraints, resulted in a cross-team experience map, rapid high-fidility prototypes, AB testing and product roadmaps. 

Throughout the process I worked closely with an agile team of product managers, engineers, UI designer and senior stakeholders. 

🏆 Impact:

  • Increased completion rate at 00%* in intitial rollout
  • Helped 000K* account holders to sign-in
  • Set a UX vision that support 3 product team’s roadmap
  • Enabled an universal portal for various of Guardian product

*numbers blocked for privacy purposes

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