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Product & Experience Designer
Experience and Product Designer

Strengthening the app proposition with a streamlined sign in and onboarding experience. 

Design Lead, App Experience & Sign-In / Senior Product Designer (FTC) @ The Guardian
2023 – present

From strategy, research to design, I set the end to end user experience of the App onboarding and sign-in and owns the Sign-In product. I collaborate with four product teams - including senior stakeholders, product managers, product designers and engineers -  to ensure a seamless experience across the different features in App and Revenue workstreams. 

📍 This is a live project with 3 rollout phases; Teaser, Trial and MVP. 🏆 Current in Trial Phase, we are seeing a 27% uplift of new users onboarding to their new accounts. Stay tuned...

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Due to the sensitive nature of the industries I worked in, I cannot publish the content in details. Get in touch so I can walk you through what I did and how I did it – I can’t wait!  ︎