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Product & Experience Designer
Experience and Product Designer

Reimaging easyJet’s Loyalty Programme and realising the potential through user insights, needs and behaviours 

Senior Experience Designer; Research and Design @ The Future Customer (now ICF Next)

As part of a lean design team, we reimagined a new loyalty proposition informed by discovery research of customer insights, needs, behavior, and emotional impact. I created user scenarios, UI, and storytelling to bring the strategy to life and established a design system for the proposition.

🏆 Helped easyJet realise the cost benefits and impact of UX – easyJet used the outputs as evidence in board meetings, helping them to increase their UX/CX activities in planning.

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Due to the sensitive nature of the industries I worked in, I cannot publish the content in details. Get in touch so I can walk you through what I did and how I did it. Can’t wait!  ︎