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Product & Experience Designer
Experience and Product Designer

Improving processes and experience by designing a user first back-end system 

Senior Product Designer @ Discover Financial Services / Zone Digital (Cognizant DX) 

From conducting user research, creating UX flows and prototyping, I help the organisation to move from a manual back-end process system into a new digital product. I contributed to the new design system with new tested components and fostered collaboration between in-house team and engineering through workshops, opening conversations and breaking down silos. 

🏆 Transformed the organisation from a paperwork system into a collaborative digital product that aimed to help increase efficiency, satisfaction, security and content integrity 🏆 Enabled Product Owner to incorporated user insight into the product vision and roadmap

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Due to the sensitive nature of the industries I worked in, I cannot publish the content in details. Get in touch so I can walk you through what I did and how I did it. Can’t wait!  ︎