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Why I design – creating value and positive impact for the world

I’m an experienced design practitioner, strategist, and advocate with a passion for creating inclusive and value-driven experiences that have positive impact on the world.

My curious nature helps me empathise with people I design for and collaborate with. By approaching my work with human centred design methodologies, systematic mapping and creative doing, I break down complexity into meaningful products and delightful experiences.

With 10+ years of experience across design disciplines, my current focus is within product and experience design space. I approach design with human centred design principles and remember to have fun and make the best work I possibly can.

My belief and interests that impact my design:

As a third culture kid – a Taiwanese-Canadian, now living in the UK – I have a strong interest initatives that focus on culture, societal impact, community and the experiences that connect them. I believe in the power of passion, insights and genuine care and importance to create experiences that are accessible, inclusive, responsible and future thinking.

I'm a certified mentor at British Interactive Media Association (BIMA), University of Hertfordshire and ADP List, a global mentorship network. 🚀 I enjoy collaborating peers and young designers achieve their goals while learning from the amazing community. 

Amazing brands I have partnered with:

– The Guardian
– Social Work England
– Department for Transport
– Discover Financial Services
– Lloyds Banking Group
– Sainsbury’s Nectar
– easyJet
– Three UK

Want to learn more? Let’s connect 📮 I’d love to share with you the details –what I do and how I do it.

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