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Hi there – I’m Jen 👋 I’m a design practitioner, strategist, and leader with a passion for creating inclusive and value-driven experiences that have positive impact on the world. 

With more than 10 years of experience across design disciplines, I approach my process and design with human-centred design principles. In any environement, I remember to have fun and make the best work I possibly can✨.

Currently at The Guardian, I improve our digital products and experiences for our global readers to achieve business needs and editorial vision. 

B2C: Optimising sign-in and onboarding experienceRole: Product Designer (Squad Lead)
The Guardian’s sign-in and onboarding service became convoluted for users throughout the years. Through research and data, we found pain points that resulted in a low uptakes and low completion.

From strategy, research to hands-on design, I set the end-to-end user experience to ensure a seamless, user first experience across different workstreams in App. I spearheaded the process with complex stakeholder workshops to align on our vision, ideas and constraints, resulted in a cross-team experience map, rapid high-fidility prototypes, AB testing and product roadmaps. 

Throughout the process I worked closely with an agile team of product managers, engineers, UI designer and senior stakeholders. 

🏆 Impact:

  • Increased completion rate at 00%* in intitial rollout
  • Helped 000K* account holders to sign-in
  • Set a UX vision that support 3 product team’s roadmap
  • Enabled an universal portal for various of Guardian product

*numbers blocked for privacy purposes

E2E/Public Service: Improving costly and inefficient operational processess and systemsRole: Product Designer (Programme Lead)
Social Work England aims to improve security of their systems and operational benchmarks. Through Discovery, we identified opportunities to improve back office user processes to reduce cost and increase efficiency and remove burden for users. 

As a Product Design Lead, I was responsible and accountable for all design outputs from research, workshop, experience mapping, prioritisation, prototyping and UI design. I also managed a small team of a product designer and a UX researcher (intern) and established a user-focused ways of working with an agile delivery team and business stakeholders. 

We delivered a set of updated operational processes against the system based on user feedback. The outputs were validated with senior stakeholders to ensure governance, alignment and meet business goals. 

🏆 Impact:

  • Enable delivery and strategic teams to approach roadmap, get assurance and set benchmarks with user needs and research evidence
  • Increased product efficiency by 15%, reducing manual processes and pressure in internal teams. 
  • Set a strategy and implementation plan to increase operational benchmark by 100% in phased releases

B2C/Public Service: Enabling the public to share their vaccination status and travel safely during the global pandemicRole: Product Designer (Squad Lead)

As a Lead Designer of a service squad, I spearheaded the UX to ensure our solutions reflect government policies and meet user needs with simplicity and accessibility. Shaped by multiple agile delivery team, I reported to the Service Design Director and Chief Product owner to ensure alignment and seamless in our strategy and delivery. 

In an emergency environment, I was flexible to play multiple roles – service design, user research to product design. I collaborated with a multidisciplinary team to create a cohesive user experience and design.

🏆 Impact:

  • App and Service used by 55+ million people (most downloaded free app in the App store in 2022)
  • Delivered an emergency product that supported the public in England and Wales during the pandemic
  • Won the 2022 Digital Leaders Impact Pandemic Innovation award (NHS Covid App)

E2E: Transforming manual back-end system processes to a user-first digital platformRole: Product Designer (Senior Delivery) I led the creation of this user-centered online booking experience. They wanted to reduce workload on their staff, improve efficiency and keep up with competitors by offering a modern, digital service.

From conducting user research, creating UX flows and prototyping, I was responsible for the creation of their new user centric banking platform. Using Human-Centred Design methodologies, I designed a system based on their daily processes and I supported the Standard Operating Procedures from UX research insights.

I contributed to the new design system with new tested components and fostered collaboration between in-house team and engineering through workshops, opening conversations and breaking down silos. 

🏆 Impact:

  • Increased user satisifaction and reduced inefficiency by bringing users along the design journey
  • Enabled Product Owner to incorporated user insight into the product vision and roadmap
  • Contributed to the design system that is tested with real users

Want to learn more? Let’s connect 📮 I’d love to share with you the details –what I do and how I do it.

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